Worship Ministry

We were created to worship.

At the River Church, we take that design seriously and direct our attention and affection toward the Creator. We do this by declaring God’s very nature in recognizing His holiness and our complete dependence on Him. We take in His word, reach heavenward in prayer, respond to His goodness by making music, remember His sacrifice with communion, and bring our first-fruits in offering… we approach the throne of the Most High, together, as a family.

And He faithfully reaches out to us. Always.

There are many teams that come together to help make our Sunday gatherings a time when the body can enter in to worship together. If there is a calling on your life to be a part of the worship ministry at the River Church (or just want more information), please connect with us (button at the bottom of the page).


The worship team is always open to experienced musicians with a heart to lift songs to the Lord. If you are skilled with an instrument or your voice, we’d love to hear your heart and your music! Commitment times vary according to availability and need.


Opportunities are available for sound technicians, lyric projection specialists, and other miscellaneous production task positions. There is no requirement for previous experience; If you have the desire and willingness to learn we have free training available! This is typically a once-a-month commitment


The communion team sets up and prays over the elements for the congregation once a month. Commitment is according to how many people we have, but would tend to be every couple of months.


There are many times when our Sunday gathering lends itself to individual and corporate prayer in response to the message given. If you have any interest in being on the team that is called upon to pray with others at these times, please get in touch.

Stage Crew

We are currently looking to build a team of people who will be responsible for helping with the set-up and tear-down of the stage. There are a lot of pieces of equipment that are used on the stage every Sunday and for various events throughout the year. Most of the time there will not be a need for any extensive set-up or tear-down, but during certain periods throughout the year the stage will need to be completely stripped of all equipment and cords/cables for various events. This may also include assisting with the setup of various decorations and lighting both on and off the stage throughout the year for different events. If you are someone who likes to be part of the ‘production’ but not necessarily in the spotlight, or if you have a keen eye or passion for a tidy ‘work space’ then this is a perfect opportunity to learn the art of stage blocking and management.