Helping people follow Jesus for personal transformation and community multiplication.

TRC University is a relaxing and safe learning environment designed to encourage and equip so that life may grow in your relationship with God, yourself, and others.

Spring Trimester begins April 1st

** Please pay attention to classes that overlap when registering 


Basic Information

Who can take classes: Anyone 15 years and up
Where: TRC campus
When: Wednesday evenings 6:00 – 8:00
*(6-6:25 Worship; 6:30-8 Class)*



Classes Offered for Spring Trimester 2020

Emotionally Healthy Relationships (4/1 - 5/20)

Navigating relationships well is essential to seeing God reign in our community. Emotionally Healthy Relationships shows you how to communicate effectively, create smart boundaries, and listen better. This is a great class for improving all relationships across the board from marriages, to coworkers, to friendships, because relationship is at the heart of the Kingdom of God.

Rivers of Living Water (4/1 - 4/15)

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He said that whoever believes in Him, from him would flow rivers of living water? This 3 week class intends to explore the meaning of those words: that Jesus Christ, through the inner working of Holy Spirit, desires that we, through Him, would fully experience His life-giving wonder.

Servant Leadership (4/1 - 4/15)

What is leadership? What does it mean to serve? How do I influence those around me? These are some of the questions this class will explore. Regardless of what we do and who we are, we have influence, and this class will help you on the journey of uncovering your core values, leadership style, and vision, empowering you to further God’s kingdom wherever you go.

Reaching Out (4/22 - 4/29)

If you struggle with how to share the good news of Jesus to those around you, you’re not alone. Many Christians want to share their faith, but are often afraid, or don’t know where to begin. This 2 week course will help you be encouraged and equipped with practical tools to initiate spiritual conversations, share the Gospel, work through objections, and begin basic, personal follow-up. 

One-Anothering (4/22 - 4/29)

The Bible says, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Ever wonder if that’s true? This class introduces you to the joy of being a blessing to others by knowing how the Holy Spirit works in you; how God demonstrates His presence and power in your life to another; and how your commitment can help bring unity and freedom to the Body of Christ.

What Is Ministry? Breaking Out of the Box (5/6 - 5/20)

Those empowered to take ground for the Gospel were never limited to just the people employed by the local church. Jesus gave authority to everyone who would call themselves His. Because the harvest is ripe, and Kingdom Culture is vital for life, this 3 week course offers a biblical perspective, practical tools, and useful strategies to help see the Kingdom come, within the marketplace, your neighborhood, and your lifestyle.

What will I learn

at TRCU?

Can God truly be known?

Build intimacy and trust with God, by exploring His nature and character

Do I have an authentic self?

Discover your unique blend of His image in you

What is Kingdom Community?

Investigate relationships and their overlapping interactions

What does Truth say?

Examine the Bible’s impact and relevance on you and the world

How do I live out love?

Learning and embracing how to be inside and outside the church