What to Bring

• Overnight bag (duffle or backpack)

• Pajamas

• Set of casual clothes (jeans, sweats, shirt, etc.)

• Snow clothes (pants, jacket, gloves, hat, snow boots, etc.)

• Bedding & pillow for a twin-size bed (sleeping bag or sheets)

• Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant (other toiletries are optional if your child needs to shower)

• Flashlight

• Bible and pen

• Snacks (labeled – to be left in the van for tubing on Saturday)

What NOT to Bring

• NO electronic devices this includes iPods, tablets, handheld games, cell phones, etc.

• NO tobacco, firearms, knives, explosives, alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor), lighters, weapons of any kinds, fireworks

• NO silly string or other such “prank” materials

• NO outside food/snacks can be brought onto camp property

*Grace Church, the River Church and Hesperus Camp are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Photo Release Hesperus Camp regularly takes photos and video on their campus as a means to gather materials for promotional and production purposes. Accordingly, during your stay, you may be photographed, filmed or videoed while participating in any of the campus events or enjoying any of the campus features. Therefore, every guest of the camp, by visiting the campus, acknowledges and agrees that these photos, films and videos may be taken and use in Hesperus’s products and promotional materials. Health Services Hesperus Camp does not employ medical professionals nor do they stock medical supplies/equipment. They will assist with first aid and public emergency services.

Tentative Event Schedule


4:00pm Depart for Hesperus Camp

4:30pm Arrive at Camp 4:45pm Meeting & Unpack

5:30pm Dinner 6:30pm Worship & Devotions

8:00pm Campfire

9:00pm Games

10:00pm Lights Out


8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Devotions

9:45am Pack & Depart for Tubing

10:30am Tubing

11:30am Depart

12:00pm Arrive @ Grace Church

In case of an emergency, contact

Katie Davis at (970) 946-9466,

Susan Williams at (405) 640-6213 or

Hesperus Camp at (970) 385-4389.