10 signs that you have a Hurry issue. 
Irritability, hypersensitivity, restlessness, non stop activity, emotional numbness, out of order priorities, lack of care for your body, escapist behaviors, slippage of spiritual disciplines, isolation



This is not the Idea of simplicity or minimalism… which both have strength and can also be idols in our lives … this is the DISCIPLINE of SIMPLICITY 


Focus upon the kingdom produces the inward reality, and without the inward reality we will degenerate into legalistic trivia. Nothing else can be central. The desire to get out of the rat race cannot be central, the redistribution of the world’s wealth cannot be central, the concern for ecology cannot be central. Seeking first God’s kingdom and the righteousness, both personal and social, of that kingdom is the only thing that can be central in the Spiritual Discipline of simplicity.
The central point for the Discipline of simplicity is to seek the kingdom of God and the righteousness of his kingdom first and then everything necessary will come in its proper order. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Jesus’ insight at this point. Everything hinges upon maintaining the “first” thing as first. Nothing must come before the kingdom of God, including the desire for a simple life-style. The person who does not seek the kingdom first does not seek it at all
If you only act like Jesus just in certain places then you are not acting like Jesus at all…
Because we lack a divine Center our need for security has led us into an insane attachment to things. We really must understand that the lust for affluence in contemporary society is psychotic. It is psychotic because it has completely lost touch with reality. We crave things we neither need nor enjoy. “We buy things we do not want to impress people we do not like.”
Are you practicing the presence of Jesus, daily? 
In the Gospel of John, an all-important phrase, spoken by Jesus, is repeated seven times. Jesus repeats the words “I am.” In this repetition we see the fullness of His character.

The Bread of Life – John 6:35
Jesus spoke these words after a quiet night alone in the wilderness. He fled to this wilderness after the miracle of feeding the 5,000 men (and more women and children) with just five loaves and two fish. Following this miracle and these words, the people, somehow, still asked for a sign that they could believe in Him.

Light of the World – John 8:12
Jesus uttered these words to a group that witnessed an incredible scene. Teaching in the temple, a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus.

The Door – John 10:9
Jesus is that Door and He alone offers the true path to salvation. (HEALING IN THE GREEK) Healing for your soul.

Good Shepherd – John 10:11
He is the Shepherd—the One whose voice the sheep know and trust. The Shepherd will protect and save the sheep at any cost.
Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, died to save each of us.

The Resurrection and Life – John 11:25-26
Jesus’ friends, Mary and Martha, are distraught. Jesus has arrived too late—their brother Lazarus is dead. The grieving Martha hears Him say, “Your brother will rise again,” and she responds in faith, affirming that he will rise in the last days. But Jesus has other, more immediate plans for Lazarus.

The Way, the Truth and the Life  – John 14:6
Thomas and the rest of Jesus’ disciples could not comprehend His leaving them. He warned them—on multiple occasions—but they could not seem to accept it. As they struggled with this, Jesus helped them to see the Father and to understand that they were one.

The Vine – John 15:5
As Jesus spoke, the vines hung heavy with ripened fruit throughout the region. His listeners understood the significance of the vine and the dependency the branches had to the source of nutrition and water. Jesus, as the Vine, is our Source of life