Financial Transparency:

  • Accountable to ICFG
    • Submit our financials each month to Headquarters
      • They file w/ IRS on our behalf (incorporated through them)
    • Property is held under their name
              • Protects property being sold out from under you

Events: (JILL)

        • TRC is more than just Sunday mornings!
    • If you only come on Sundays, you’re missing out!
            • We have well over 2641 people that come through-out the year
    • There is NO WAY that we could do all of this without YOU

Pie Charts: (MARK)


    • Income:
    • Tithes down $22k
    • All income up $5k
    • Everything we do comes from you

    • Expense:
    • We tithe on the undesignated giving
    • Our staff tithes, 


    • Balance Sheet:
    • (Checking, Savings and Silver)
      • 3-month reserve
      • 2-month is standard for non-profits
        • $63,750k, x 3 = $191,250
        • If 10% reduction, we could supplement for 2.5 years
        • Ministry could continue
    • Capital Expense Fund:
      • Major repairs

Checks and Balances:

      • Council review
      • ICFG review
      • Outside CPA (Shelley) pays our bills, reports, keep us in check
    • She is not a signer on any account
          • Church & Clergy Tax Guide
    • We don’t want to inadvertently do something that could hurt us

Church Council:

    • 6 Men and Women with financial background & understanding
    • Bankers, CPA’s, Business owners, Financial understanding
    • Meet monthly to review the financial reports of the church
    • Financial oversight, not Spiritual
    • Review the financial reports,
    • Protect our members
    • Make funds available to fulfill Mark’s vision
    • Two-year commitment, with option for a second term, then step down
    • We take this oversight very seriously, funds are “holy to the Lord”

Council Members:

    • Current Members:
    • Jerome Bleger
    • Larry Redman
    • Shelly Jones
  • New Members to ratify
    • Jerry Martinez
    • Justin Bates
    • Debby Godfrey

Ratify, not voting

    • We do not have elections for our Council
    • Not a popularity contest
    • Already vetted (members, active and tithe)
    • If you’re a Part of the Ownership of TRC (18 and older) you may cast a ballot
    • This is your home
    • You’re a part of this family
    • Click link in app and/or on website – say yes/no
    • Must have your name and number

By The Numbers

    • Decisions for Christ – 9
    • Water Baptisms – 14
    • Holy Spirit Baptisms – 2
    • People served through local missions – 2641

Leadership Training School – Rebecca

Sprouts – Ashleys

Roots – Andy & Sarah

Benevolence – April

Solar & MDWK – Nick

TRCU – 18 classes


New Budget:

    • $765,000
    • Streamline our focus – Outreach, Discipleship, Missions, Leadership (JILL)
    • VISION: To bring Kingdom community to where we live, work, & play so that others can know God.
    • VALUES:

COMMUNITY (Hebrews 10:24-25)

We will do life and church together.`

GENEROSITY (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

We will give whole heartedly of our time, talents, and treasures.

TEAMWORK (Philippians 2:1-4)

We will model a ministry of like-mindedness, as we work together to make heaven more crowded.

INTEGRITY (Proverbs 11:3)

We will demonstrate Christ-like wholeness, privately and publicly

LOVE (John 15:12-13)

We will work to love ourselves and others as Christ has loved us.

We want to Bring Hope:

– videos & social media

We want to Extend Love:

– Easter give … etc.


Thank You:

    • I hope today has helped to earn your trust in TRC
    • Any questions or additional information you need, see me


    • Thank you, Lord, for blessings us as a congregation this past year
    • For trusting us with the level of finances we’ve received
    • That we’ve been able to minister to others, as never before
    • For those that came to Salvation here and locations around the world as a result of our partnership
    • Cover and guide this next year and what is to come
    • AMEN