Our Missionary Partners

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We currently have 11 Missions Partners that we support at TRC. Each of these missionaries (at least one if a couple) have been a part of our ministry in years past. As family, we believe it’s important to support our family members.

Chris and Kayle Hardrick

Cambodia — eMI

Chris and Kayle live in Phnom Penh, where Chris works with eMI (Engineering Ministries International). eMI is a group of architects, engineers, surveyors, and drafters who design orphanages, hospitals, schools, water systems and more, in locations around the world.  Their expertise is a wonderful service assuring that these ministries have the infrastructure and blueprints needed to fulfill the vision of each ministry.

Prayer and Crystal Durairaj 

India – Sanctuary Home

Prayer and Crystal established a school for 182 children in India. Because of the class system in India, many children are put into forced labor, child prostitution, organ trafficking and drug trade. These children are rescued from the streets, given an education, shown self-worth, and told that they have a heavenly Father that loves them.

Susan Mudry

Japan – Grace Christian Fellowship

Susan fell in love with the Japanese people while ministering there many years ago, with YWAM (Youth With a Mission).  She lives in Ome, (Tokyo) and works with the local church.  Their vision is bring people to Jesus, see them grow in relationship with Him and learn to live for him.  She teaches and ministers to students who have difficulty in mainstream Japanese school.  They also have a disaster relief ministry, for over 1,000 kids affected by Mindianao Isis related violence.

Carmen Mondragon

Mexico – YWAM

Carmen has been a full-time missionary with YWAM San Diego/Baja, in Tijuana, Mexico since 2015. She works with the Discipleship Training program, walking alongside the YWAM students and leading outreaches. In addition, she is involved with Homes of Hope, a program that builds houses for families in need. She also works with a church-run rehab center for men, most of whom are deported.  She teaches in various schools/ministries and is part of her base’s staff training department. Her heart is for discipleship and for Christians to have a better understanding of who Father God is and what that means in all areas of their lives. 

Philimon and Laura Olaniyi

Mozambique, Africa – Heart for the Needy

Philimon and Laura moved outside of Nampula, and built an orphanage. They provide a safe, loving and compassionate environment which cultivates and encourages children to become educated and responsible member of their community. They host bible studies for men, women and children and help educate people in hopes of eliminating orphans in the future.

Josh and Emma Quisenberry

Uganda, Africa — Gem Foundation

Josh and Emma established and run a home for children with severe special needs (hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and others).  Most of these children had been abused, neglected and abandoned. The GEM has a staff of over 30 people to care for the needs of these children, 24/7. They have purchased land outside of Kampala to build a village for these children, which will include a long-term housing, school, and a medical clinic for the children and surrounding community.

Nate and Erin Herbst

Brandon and Anne Cox

(United States) Albuquerque, NM — Great Commission Alliance

The mission and vision is to multiply Christ followers, others who will in turn multiply others. While working with college students, they also are developing evangelism and discipleship resources to train leaders around the world, helping them incorporate evangelism and discipleship in their ministry.

Jake and Sara P.

(United States) Redding, California — YWAM

Jake and Sara with their children, were missionaries in Afghanistan for a number of years. They now live state-side, and head the YWAM base in northern California. They train and disciple students to minister to Muslims. They also lead teams on mission trips to various locations around the world, to bring the love of Jesus to a people without hope. 

Sherry Ketner

Zambia – Hope’s Doorway

Sherry Ketner is the Director of Hope’s Doorway, a non-profit charity that is currently partnering with Lifesavers Zambia to invest in the future of Zambian children. Through child sponsorship children have financial assistance for school fees and supplies, medical services, food, and hope for a sustainable future. By sponsoring a child, our hope is that structures and relationships will be built, lives and families will be restored, and communities will develop and prosper. Join Hope’s Doorway in breaking the cycle of poverty by providing for basic needs, encouragement and love, one child at a time.