The Leadership Training School

The Leadership Training School vision is to train up young leaders with a strong work ethic, healthy spirituality, and mature worldview. We invest in discipleship through community living, classroom study, and ministry involvement. We want to see kind leaders who know their authority and are confident in their identity, to make a difference in Durango, in our Foursquare district, and the world.
Our mission is to stay aligned with the one who saved us! We invite Him to break our hearts for what breaks His- over and over. We will always prioritize discipleship by investing in relationship, navigating conflict, and studying who Jesus was and why it matters.

2020/2021 school dates:
Start date: August 1st, 2020
End date: May 26, 2021

Cost: $5,000 per year (school fees cover all books, curriculum, accommodation, and utilities)

For more information you can email Rebecca Sloan at

Year 1 Overview

Our first year of LTS is focused on personal development. Students get to dive deep into their identity and how they’ve been shaped. They also learn about leadership essentials and get to try out many types of ministry. Our curriculum includes intensive biblical study, event management, and emotionally healthy spirituality and relationships.

Year 2 Overview

The second year of LTS is focused on missions. Students get to explore a variation of different missions opportunities including the missions cohort to Cuba. Their responsibilities increase and class time intensifies. Our curriculum includes the Truth Project, the Freedom class, and the practicality of what healthy leadership can look like.

Year 3 Overview

Year 3 of LTS is focused on reconciliation. We believe that no matter what area of ministry or secular life our students enter, they will all need God’s heart and skill of reconciliation. Year 3 students also earn their Foursquare licensing. Class time becomes more specialized toward their specific skill sets and interests. Students graduate with a solid foundation of leadership and ample opportunities for full time jobs in ministry

Meet the Sloans

Andy and Rebecca moved to Colorado from England in 2015 after leaving Youth With A Mission where they had worked for 7 years.  They pioneered the Leadership Training School in 2018. Andy is from Harpenden, England and Durango, Co is actually Rebecca’s home town. While Rebecca takes the lead as the LTS Director, and Andy is the River Church’s Youth Pastor, the LTS will always be something they do together. They have two little boys, Finnley, who is 4 and loves Star Wars, and Elliot, who is 2 and loves Spiderman! They absolutely love being around the LTS students!