Are you looking to be a part of the bigger picture?

Are you looking to be plugged into the heartbeat of the Kingdom of God?

Are you looking to be equipped, guided, and trained to be a key player in what God has in store for your community?

Taking part in our Leadership Training School (LTS) will give you an abundant amount of resources to set you on your way to accomplishing just that. This is a program full of hard work, personal growth, spiritual deepening, and character development. We want to see quality leaders come out of LTS with a solid worldview, balanced work ethic and healthy spirituality. We want to see leaders rise up who will truly be a blessing to churches and ministries around Colorado, our district, and beyond.

Applications open December 16th, 2019

2020/2021 school dates:
Start date August 1st, 2020
Finish June 9th, 2021

For more information you can email Rebecca Sloan at

Year 1 Overview

A year 1 LTS student will be focusing on personal development while learning the basics of what makes the local church tick. Students will get experience in church ministries, event management, public speaking, and community investment. We will cover topics in class such as the Kingdom of God, identity, heart posture, and emotionally healthy spirituality. One of the key components of the year is completing four modules of Youth With A Mission’s School of Biblical Studies. We love introducing students to scripture in a more authentic and relevant way! There will be several books, assignments, reports, and presentations due throughout the ten months. Everything assigned is strategically set in place to encourage each individual’s process towards righteousness, grace, and being a capable and reliable person/leader. One of our most valuable assets in this program is 1-on-1 mentoring. Each student is assigned a 1-on-1 at the beginning of the year. They will be a main recourse and encouragement throughout the year (or three!). At the end of year 1 each student will have a more well rounded understanding of Christian leadership, their capacity will have grown, and their knowledge and love for the Lord will have deepened.

Year 2 Overview

In year 2 of LTS, we will focus on ministry development and missions. We will deeper dissect the intricacies of how the local church runs and operates. A large portion of our students’ time will be assigned to shadowing ministry leaders. Students will gain a deeper understanding of what each ministry needs and the ins and outs of running a church as a whole. As we build on year 1, students will have more responsibility in areas of preaching and teaching, mentoring youth, and event management. We will still have class time to cover subjects such as discipling others, doctrines, denominations, and local and international missions. We will move on with our School of Biblical Studies and complete another six modules. We will also have a new set of books and assignments throughout year 2. One aspect that we’re especially excited about for our year 2 program is our missions intensive week in the country of Cuba. This week will be incredibly enlightening, stretching and full of wonderful teaching, ministry opportunities and experiences. At the end of year 2 students should be able to start a ministry from the ground up and confidently construct the foundation of everything it needs. Year 2 students should have an expanded capacity to take on leadership roles and servant roles. Most importantly, they will have a solid comprehension of their piece in the Kingdom of God.


Year 3 Overview

Our year 3 students will be focusing on portfolio development while our large project will be on reconciliation. We want all of our year 3 students to leave us with a job or solid job lead, most likely within our Foursquare district. Our year long project on reconciliation will prepare our students to leave this course with God having broken their hearts for what breaks His. They will be equipped to maintain healthy communities, gently bridge gaps, and speak into new or ancient heartbreak. This project will include multiple books and assignments throughout the year. In year 3 we will also finish the remaining eight modules of SBS. Year 3 students will have ample opportunity for preaching and teaching within the River Church and especially in the younger classes of LTS. Students will graduate the full program with wide breadth of biblical knowledge, spiritual depth, and skills to fill positions from lead pastor to church administrator. We believe this training will plant emotionally healthy, spiritually gifted, and reliable leaders in churches and ministries around the nation.