Over the next seven and eight weeks we will be looking at the story David. Different Pastors will be unpacking this story from different perspectives and hopefully learn more about the God we serve about his very nature And character. 

The story of David is packed Full of:

betrayal, murder, victorious battles, bloodshed, war, politics, songs, brotherhood, marriage, killing bears and lions by ripping off their jaws, tensions with older and younger brothers, sheep and goats, anointing oil, long walks, kings, nightmares, musical therapy, AND that God is able to use anybody at anytime in anyway… this will not be a set of boring talks… 

…this is as SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK n ROLL as stories get. 

I thought I understood this story.

The story I am about to tell, I believe is one of the more common stories in the bible, it’s probably on of the more popular stories in todays modern culture. 

It’s one we have all heard before and I hope we can see it from a different angle today. The reason I wanted to tell this story out of many many stories of Shepard boy David and soon to be King David is this story can be seen from many different sides… When I was studying and researching the story I realize I misunderstood the story for most of my life. 

When I was preparing this sermon I had 6 or 7 pages about How we can do anything with God (which is true) and how the little guy can beat the big guy (which is true) and how this was Davids destiny and how confident he was. And how not to judge people and we must see their full potential… 

Then I sat down and re-read the story a few times in a row. And I realized. Some thing new. 



1 Samuel 17 New International Version (NIV)

David and Goliath