Return of the Prodigals by Tre’ Price


For this son of mine was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found. And they began to celebrate. Luke 15:24


There is a theological debate within the Christian community about the eternal condition of the believer, however from this piece of scripture its clear that a born again believer can very much walk away from their faith. The fact that the father said this “son of mine” indicates that he was very much an heir and was considered HIS family because he says “mine”. Another thing that I want to point to your attention is that the father didn’t just say his son was in a bad place or confused or struggling but his son was DEAD, however when his son returned back home, it says that he has come to life again. Lastly, it says all the servants in this story celebrated and even had a party.


Now relating this principle to the context of the daily believer, we must recognize that we as believers can walk away from the faith on behalf of our own choices. There are numerous warnings all in scripture. For example, in the book of Hebrews it says that if we (the believer) continue to practice willful sin after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no longer a sacrifice for sin. The greek word for knowledge in this verse is epignosis meaning personal intimate relationship knowledge. Now this isn’t to scare anybody, the emphasis in scripture is that God is able to keep you but that is if you are willing to be kept. However you can by your own will walk away from the faith. Thankfully the story doesn’t just end there. The son realized he was wrong and returns back home and that is like the brothers and sisters who have lost their faith. All of Heaven is earnestly expecting and waiting for them to return back home. It is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance.


Thank you Lord for restoration of the lost. I pray for my brothers and sisters who may have walked away or have friends and family members that have turned away from the faith. Thank You Lord that You are never far away from us and that You hear the cries of Your people. Lord I ask You to reveal Your glory in such a way to the castaways that they would have no other choice but to confess You as Lord. Save souls and move by Your Spirit in Jesus name.