Breaking the Spirit of Suicide by Andy Sloan


Proverbs 24:16 : The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.


This is a hard subject to jump into for a small devotional however it’s such an urgent situation and conversation that must take place in our town of Durango and across the globe right now.

Let’s ponder two of Jesus’ disciples – Judas and Peter for a second – The contrast and the similarity of both of them and their story and situations. Two guys who spent at least 3 years side by side. Two guys, same job. Two guys, same boss, Two guys, saw the same stuff, Two guys, loved and followed Jesus. Two guys, who made the same mistake – they both betrayed Jesus. Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver which lead to Jesus’ arrest and Peter betrayed Jesus multiple times.

Judas sin, his mistake, causes so much shame that he ends his life through suicide. Judas makes a permanent decision based on a temporary problem. Judas – who has followed Jesus and loved him for over 3 years. The grief and shame that followed him was suffocating.

Peter on the other-hand, repents, apologies, changes and becomes the leader of the church.

We know, that Jesus’ grace is not only radical, overwhelming and more than enough for Peter, but also for Judas. The last thing Jesus says to Judas is: ‘Friend, do what you have come to do’. Even when Jesus knows Judas is betraying Him and selling Him to the local officials he calls him friend. Jesus grace is overwhelming – its unending – He is for us. He always has been and will always be.


The bible teaches us over and over again that failure is not final – its formative. That tripping up and stumbling happens, that failure happens, it happens to all of us. Proverbs 24 reminds of this – it also reminds us that its about how we get back up – its about our reactions to the pain of life, it’s how we climb the mountains, it’s how we navigate the storms, it’s how we remain in the fire – knowing He is always with us!

Today, whatever you are going through – it’s time to get back up. Get on your feet, it’s a new day and God Grace is here. His Grace is REAL – it’s available, it’s tangible, it is life changing!


Jesus, help us. Your grace is more than enough, thank You. Jesus, thank You for the community we are surrounded by, thank You for always being there for us.

Today I make a stand, I make a stand for all those in this community who are dealing with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Jesus, would You remind them right now that they are not alone, that Your grace is always present. Amen

If you need to talk to someone know that the River Church is full of amazing people who want help and process with you. If you are in need reach out.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255