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During our corporate fast this year we are going to be reading the whole bible out loud, as a body of believers! Our theme is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14-16. So to active our souls through the theme of 'Humble-Pray & Seek' we will be doing together!

It takes only 72 hours to read the whole bible. We will be doing this in our main worship space on our campus during the second week of our fast this year. Reading the Bible out-loud together is so uplifting, encouraging, filled with Hope and reminds us of the greater narrative we find ourselves in! Together, we can proclaim HIS TRUTH, KINDNESS, GOODNESS and LOVE over our lives, our campus and Durango!

What does this look like?

We will be opening our main worship space from 8am - 6pm during this week. When you come in you will read out-loud for a hour and start where the last person left off. After your hour you will hand off to the next person. This will create a continual audible reading of the scriptures during the week! 

Below is the link you will need to sign up for some slots! (we would encourage you to sign up for more than one and also you can do this with a few other people)