Looking at the Story of Daniel – and focused on Chapters 3 and 6

During our lives we obviously go through different seasons, different chapters of our lives. Sometimes we don’t know we are in a new season and the transitions between them can get blurred. Then there are chapters that are very defined. The end of a chapter, or the start of a new one is NOT the end of the story! 

So I hope you have your bibles on you, maybe you have your notebook or somewhere you take notes. This is something I have been processing since mid – march and I feel like this is a word for our community here at the RiverChurch. So if you are taking notes I will title this message – A COUPLE OF CHAPTERS LATER…

When we read the the Bible – OT or NT – it should always point us towards Jesus. 

DANIEL and the boys didn’t just go to God IN THE FIRE or IN THE LION DEN – but their relationship with Jesus ACTUALLY LEAD them to the faith they had in those situations! I hear this crazy statement often: “God won’t give us more than what we can handle”…  FAITH IS CALLED FAITH FO A REASON. Its about trust, its taking away control (which we don’t have a lot of right now) 

Daniel 3:17-18 – Our God will save us… and even if He doesn’t! WHAT

Sometimes he will change the situation – HE is always with us. (its actually like we are with Him) 

3: 27 – the fire didn’t touch the – they didn’t even smell like smoke

God works in different ways all the time! Just cause you CANT SEE him doesn’t mean HE IS NOT working. 

We expect God to work in a certain way… maybe the way He has done before, maybe the way we just expect Him to work. 


One of my favorite things about this story is Daniel and the boys didn’t JUST GO TO GOD when it was BAD.

They were seeking Him, having intentional time set aside with God.  / They knew what their boundaries were / Their faith, and persuasion was amazing / The purpose was clear, so their actions made sense / Even in the disagreements, they have respect and honor / Their faith, their courage, bravery–was such a witness to the Kings and it just pointed towards Christ